We can get the rust and battery acid stains out!

Sometimes it seems like the rust stains in your concrete are going to be there forever and that there’s nothing you can do about it.  But we can get it out! Rust stains can be made in your driveway or other concrete surfaces from a number of things: Battery acid stains, fertilizer stains, or even a piece of steel that has just sat on your concrete and rusted on it.  Even though it is highly frustrating, and pretty unsightly, we can help to get it out.  Remember, pressure washing these stains out needs to be done by an authorized F9 dealer to ensure that the problem is not just made worse.  We have the knowledge and tools to make sure that the rust is removed safely without ruining your concrete or driveway.

The video above describes our customizable process, but read on to see how this could be such a huge help for your own home!

An Authorized F9 Applicator:



It cannot be overstated how important it is to use a qualified professional with professional equipment, chemicals, and knowledge.  The product know as F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (BARC) is the industry’s finest chemical with the most concrete friendly and environmentally responsible considerations.

Sometimes a pressure washing company will actively try to remove these stains using powerful acids that do nothing but etch the concrete making it susceptible to future stains, and almost always make future problems for the concrete to react strangely to things such as sealant, stains, or even foot traffic.  Use a qualified company when it comes to something that would be way expensive to fix… you’ll be glad you did!

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Golf Cart Battery Acid Stain Removal:

If you live in a golfing community or retirement community you have probably seen a lot of stains like these.  At golf courses these stains are commonplace because electric vehicles tend to really drip a lot of the battery acid out onto the concrete causing these bright orange stains.  Because these rust stains tend to go so deep into the concrete, it is really hard for most people to get it out… but it gets significantly harder when you have heavy concentrations of these types of stains such as anywhere you commonly find golf carts.  The demo picture you see to the right is an example of what a significant change we can make getting the stains to subdue and then disappear.  If you have a large area that you’ve been trying to get under control, look no further… We can do it! Check out other battery acid stains here.

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Fertilizer Stain Removal:




We sometimes hear customers who are so sad that their landscaper spread a fertilizer like ironite that partially landed on the driveway or concrete.  Once that fertilizer gets wet it causes virtually impossible to remove rust stains that drive homeowners crazy!

If you have been frustrated with these fertilizer rust stains on your driveway, just give us a call and we’ll come out to make them disappear!  Our cleaning process will go deep into the concrete’s pores to breakup and remove the rust.

You don’t have to be mad at your landscaper anymore!  It’s a simple process, and we can usually get out the stains within 2 hours of starting the job or less.

Notice that in the after picture, you can see the natural concrete left behind retained it’s normal look and was unaffected by our cleaning process.  Concrete is flu of history, and we can’t change the history, but we can make it clean and remove most stains caused by rust, battery acid, tire marks, or in some cases even oil.

Ask us about our sealing process that helps to harden the concrete and protect it from future stains.

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Driveway rust stain removal:

Sometimes we can make things look so good that even we are shocked!  This driveway had been run through the ringer but you can see that it is no match for our cleaning process or stain removers.

The stain is fairly light, but boy was it long and unsightly.

The danger with a stain like this is that normally a pressure washing company would try to use a ton of pressure and not only would they barely impact the stain, but they would leave a big “clean spot” so that it would not only have the stain still there, but a lot of damaged concrete that would look clean, yet be a magnet for future dirt and stains.

As you can see in the picture, not only is this stain removed, but the natural look of the concrete was preserved and there is no nightmare associated with the aftermath as you would normally see.

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