One Of Our Specialties- Roof Cleaning

At 5 Star Window Care we know how to clean roofs – it is one of our specialties. Because we know how important roof maintenance is, we offer and encourage all our customers to take advantage of our free annual inspection.

Maintain Your Roof Structure
We will assess the health of your roof and provide our honest feedback and recommendations. Instead of replacing your roof, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, we recommend that customers maintain their roof’s structure and appearance through an annual cleaning service.

Assess The Health Of Your Roof:

  • Free annual inspection
  • Save thousands in roof repair
  • Maintain your roof structure and appearance

Whether tile or composite our technicians use safe, environmentally friendly products that will clean and protect your roof for years to come. Our professionals are trained in the latest safety practices and will employ the proper equipment to ensure that the work is performed safely and efficiently.

Our Roof Cleaning Jobs

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