Your driveway doesn’t have to keep aging!

Here in the valley we it is common to think that once your driveway has an oil stain or rust stains, that you are just destined to live with an ugly driveway… but that’s just not true!  We specialize in cleaning driveways really well. Our system uses high pressure and water in a uniform way to make sure that you get a nice, deep clean without splotchy lines and ugly “clean spots”.

If you have rust stains, be sure to look at this page too, so that you can see how we deal with battery acid stains and/or rust stains.

The video above describes our customizable process, but read on to see how this could be such a huge help for your own home!

A Neglected Driveway:




The Driveway to the left belongs to a person who bought a rental home that had a bunch of old oil stains, set-in tire marks, and quite a bit of battery acid stains.These stains obviously helped them to get into the house for less money because it killed the curb appeal, but we were able to make the driveway look a ton better.

Set in stains are of course difficult to get out, especially if the stain has really permeated the concrete, but we were able to make a huge difference.

I think we can all agree that the landlord was wishing he’d thought of that before setting the rent price!

One of the really nice things about deep cleaning the driveway is that it immediately adds value to the home and can even change the whole tone about who lives there.

Also, just because your friend dripped oil on your driveway, or you did a driveway oil change to your car, doesn’t mean that you are banished to looking like your driveway is a mechanic’s shop for the rest of it’s life.

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The cheapest facelift your house could ever get!

This customer has a truck that drives on vegetable oil. Man, oh man, does that stuff stain. Luckily we were able to get all of the heavy stuff off and really improve the look of the house.If your Home Owners’s Association (HOA) complains that your driveway is looking bad, we can come in and deep clean it to make it perfectly clean. In this situation, there are shadows remaining where the oil penetrated deep, but this customer could walk across the driveway in white socks and they would be perfectly clean afterward!

In these pictures you can see that the HOA is going to have a much more favorable feeling toward this home’s driveway.

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A shallow stain & seal in the clean:




This driveway was really happy after the 5 Star treatment!  Although it looks bad at first, we were able to break this oil down and even though it was months old, we were able to get it looking almost like new.

You can still notice a bit of “ghosting”, but unless you knew you were looking for it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was there. Keep in mind that our deep cleaning system will get out all of the dirt and dust build up (and we have a lot of that in Arizona!) no problem.

Once the driveway is looking good, the next question is always, “How can I keep this look from returning?” We offer concrete sealant to lock in the clean look, and actually hardens the concrete and protects from future stains, dust and dirt absorption and from an HOA’s perspective– totally undetectable! Once your driveway is sealed you can use your garden hose to rinse off things you won’t even believe it.

Many people even say that they had no idea their concrete was so white! Once you get all of your concrete cleaned, we can apply a sealant to the concrete that penetrates deep in, and then hardens to protect from stains and absorption of dust, dirt, and tire marks. Once you lock in the clean look, you can use a garden hose to make it look as good as when we finished our clean!

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The longer an oil stain sits, the deeper it goes, so call us!




In all fairness, we can’t get every stain to completely disappear.  This is an example of an oil drip that set in for a long time and got really deep into the cement.

There are lots of different kinds of oil, and once it’s been in the engine, some is thinner than others and broken down different ways.  We use cutting edge equipment and chemicals to pretreat the oil and break it down as far as we can chase it into your concrete, and then pull up as much as we possibly can.

As a stain sets, it goes deeper and deeper into the concrete every day.

Our process targets all kinds of stains, but oil is our toughest battle.  Unfortunately we can’t always tell what kind of results we’ll get until we are actually removing the stain because it’s really difficult to tell how deep the oil has gone.

In this picture, the concrete is definitely cleaned, and the remaining stain is what has crept into the deeper parts of the concrete itself.

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