[alert type=”notice”]please note: Our employees are the only employees you’ve ever met that are paid on customer satisfaction.  Your happiness determines how big their paycheck is!  Just another way we prove that we are a customer service company… that just happens to do windows![/alert]



Many people ask who that sweet voice on the phone belongs to. Charlene is our Office Manager who schedules, confirms, and makes sure the guys in the field are connected to the customer. She is the brightest of all the 5 stars in our name!


When Curt decided to start his own business, it was with the intention of focusing on the important things in life. He wanted to have more time with his family, unlike what was provided in the retail industry he was in. He wanted to create long-term relationships with people and add value to people’s lives… 5 Star Window Care was born!



Jeff oozes customer service while simultaneously maintaining a humble and sweet spirit. He has a passion for exquisite windows and happy customers. Beware though, if you’re around him for too long, you may incur slight face pains due to over-smiling! Jeff loves his wife very much and yet still has time for his adorable dog, Hunter. I guarantee if you are fortunate enough to have Jeff in your home, you will not be disappointed! 


Devin may be one of the shortest members of the crew, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in his ability to make windows invisible. He is a recent transplant from Minnesota and loves cleaning windows in the sun. His good sense of humor and attention to detail are sure to win you over. When he’s not window cleaning he enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking in the mountains, and improving his Chinese.


Although Jacob is the newest and youngest member of the 5 Star family, he has worked in a broad range of customer service industries. Don’t be deceived by Jacob’s kind and gentle demeanor. During the summer he works as a wild land fire fighter in Oregon for a private contractor, and is used to working hard with deliberate focus on the task. Jacob’s family preceded him from Arizona to Oregon 2 years ago. Jacob enjoys many sports including hiking, archery, and time with his family and Scotty dog, Max.


[title size=”2″]Friendly & Professional![/title]

Not only do we live by the ‘5 Star Standard’, but we were recognized by the International Window Cleaning Association for our PROFESSIONAL IMAGE. Look around at our crew and know that one or all of these people will be at your job.

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