Guaranteed clean windows, even in the rain.

The Rainy Day Guarantee is our way of saying, “Hey, we really love our customers!” …but just without words…

No one likes to have their windows washed only to see an Arizona thunderstorm move in to leave its mark, and we know that. If only your car washer understood this…

In addition to seeking out the finest window cleaning chemicals on the market to ensure your windows look better longer, we also guarantee that we will provide a complementary touch up on any windows spotted by rain within 3 days of our washing it, and give you added assurance for up to 2 weeks after we complete the job! ¬†Think of it as free insurance for your windows… We think of it as “5 Star Service”.
– Curt Kempton, Owner, 5 Star Window Care

So it doesn’t really matter what the weatherman says. Your windows are going to be clean.

Here’s How it Works:

Within 3 days: If it rains within 3 days after your windows are cleaned, and you call in that time period, you get a FREE touch-up on the affected windows.

On the 4th day: We will do the same touchup for 90% off of the original price.

On the 5th day: We’ll do the touchup for 85% off of the original price.

On the 6th day: The touchup will be discounted 80% off the original price.

On the 7th-14th day: You will get the touchup for 75% off the original price.