We have been honored by many different institutions as a credit to our professionalism which is deeply rooted in our passion to serve our customers the best we know how.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List has awarded us with the 2010 Super Service Award, based on several factors. Some of which are, maintaining an “A” grade for a year and meeting Angie’s List’s reputation standards. This prestigious award celebrates our dedication to quality and is highly esteemed by Angie’s List members! Only about 5% of service companies earn this award, so we are very honored!



To Fix It

 See our "To Fix It" Profile To Fix It is Phoenix’s top rated referral service (Ranking Arizona’s first choice, no less!).  To Fix It prides themselves in doing all of the background checking of their companies.  They check insurance and bonding, customer satisfaction, and overall professionalism.  In all of the Phoenix Metro Area, only 2 window cleaning companies were chosen!  Click here to see our profile on To Fix It.




Better Business Bureau


 We're Accredited by the Better Business Bureau We are pleased to inform you that we are an “A” rated business with the Better Business Bureau.  We have earned this rating through ethical business standards and complete customer satisfaction.  We do not hesitate to send you to our BBB Reliability Report, because it speaks volumes about our reputation.  Click here to see our reliability report on file at the BBB.





 See our Kudzu.com reviews and records Have you ever seen what happens when you throw gasoline on a fire?  That’s kind of like what happens to us when we get a review on Kudzu.  We go out every day and strive to be the absolute best we can be.  Then our customers go and say the kindest things on Kudzu.com; before you know it– we just keep trying to out-do ourselves. It’s quite fun actually.  Click here to see what they are saying about us on Kudzu.



Voted Most Professional Image

Voted by the IWCA as the most professional window cleaning company When your main industry trade association votes you as the most professional image of any other window cleaning company in the world, that’s just humbling.  And that’s exactly what happened.  We have been absolutely overwhelmed at the honor given to us by such an amazing group of people.  We do it for you, our customer.  We want you to have the best experience possible every time. Read more here.



International Association of Luxury Residential Cleaning Contractors


Most professional Window Cleaning Company in Mesa What an honor! The International Association of Luxury Residential Cleaning Contractors only selects a small few to have the privilege of being able to claim membership in the stringent association. Why should you insist on an IALRCC certified window cleaning company?  For one, you get the guarantee that your home will not be the guinea pig that some new cleaning company tries out. But more importantly, you can rest easy knowing that a certified company has the experience, insurance, reviews, guarantees, and commitment to you as a customer before ever setting foot in your house. And that’s 5 Star! Click here to read about our certification by the IALRCC.



Google Local Business Center


Google Maps Many people find us through Google, but what’s sad is that sometimes competitors will use the anonymity of the internet to leave bad reviews for their competitors.  That’s exactly what happened here.  We would urge you to please share your experience with 5 Star Window Care here so that we can overwhelm this one fake blemish.  We strive to always live up to our name, “5 Stars”!



Dex Knows


See our ratings on Dex Knows We haven’t gotten many reviews yet on Dex Knows, but what we have gotten was a good example of what we are striving to do.  We would encourage you after you receive our services to please go on and spread the word!  Check out our DexKnows profile here.