There are a lot of service companies out there to choose from; we know that.

We also know that sometimes people decide on who they let into their home based strictly on price. Being a frugal person, I used to do the same thing, but after a few sour experiences I changed my mind. I wanted the peace of mind knowing who would be in the home with my wife and kids. I also wanted to know that whoever I invited over to work would show up on time and on the proper day. I wanted to make sure that the work would be done right and that I would not be sued if they got hurt working on my property. All of these values began getting harder and harder to find, especially at a reasonable price. When I founded 5 Star Window Care in 2005, the list on the left is what my wife Rachel and I decided would be the core to success in all we did. All of our employees are held to the ‘5 Star Standard’ and continue to ensure that you’ll want to share our company with your friends! We take it very seriously and hope that even though doing business this way costs a little bit more than the alternative, it is worth it in the end!

Curt Kempton
5 Star Window Care