Our belief is that if we focus on making work a fun place, where they are incentivized to learn and grow every day– and be accountable for their growth– then our employees will naturally be absolutely amazing. And that has been our experience. Can you imagine the drudgery of knowing that the absolute BEST you could ever be is a washer of glass? It is a depressing thought. That is why our employees are seeking “higher learning” and the rewarding experience of being your most caring service company you have ever dealt with.

Sure, we supply our guys with state of the art equipment, and German-engineered tools. We even give them the coolest booties you’ve ever seen, even NAVY approved! But it’s the smile, the true care for you as the customer that cannot be mimicked by others. It’s the genuine understanding of your busy lifestyle and knowhow to accommodate it that really stands out from the rest. Our employees are not laborers. In fact, I’m about to share with you the general schema and even some details of our certification program that ensure that their minds are sharp, and their hearts are in the right place to work for a “Customer service company… that just happens to do windows!”

Curt Kempton, Owner



The difference is not only in the quality of our employees, but in the quality of their training. Our staff is highly incentivized to become “5 Star Certified”. This certification is a manifestation of our emphasis on continuing education and personal betterment. So many companies focus on just being good at the technical work outlined in the job description. And this would hopefully make the company more money, which is what businesses are built to do. This method of training and certification is admirable, and many window cleaning companies struggle to even accomplish that. 


Here is the outline for field workers (We have a similar, but different program for our office staff):

1-Star certification: This is where we believe you are a good culture fit for our company and can model outstanding customer service, plus the ability to work hard and follow the rules. You have made it through our rigorous employment & background checking process.


2-Star certification: You have figured out how to start doing your job. Your job isn’t scary anymore, you are becoming more independent (you can work alone for a short period of time). Some examples of things that must be done for this certification level (But not all):

  • Pass a safety test (written & demonstrative)
  • Can wash a window the “5 Star” way
  • Prove to be willing to do more than the minimum requirements
  • At least 5 minutes early to work every day for at least 1 month

3-Star Certification: You are beginning to master what it means to do your job. You are so comfortable doing your job that now you can interact freely with the customers and look like a professional without even trying. Now you will begin becoming “interdependent” meaning that even though you could work alone, you are not selfish, you have reached a new level where you can care for, and take care of other employees. Some examples of things that must be done for this certification level (But not all):

  • Shown problem solving skills on the job
  • Mastered several skills of a highly proficient window cleaner
  • Has gone 2 Months without leaving one thing behind on a jobsite
  • 2 weeks of perfect paperwork
  • Written report of why one of their co-workers is awesome


4-Star Certification: Most companies would never be willing to take employees to this level. You are now learning skills that will set you apart from your regular competition. You are learning true skills that business owners must know to be successful. You are rising above the level of professional, and becoming an expert. You are moving from the level of service provider (any old window cleaning company) to the level of Customer Service Provider. You will find more meaning in your job than ever before. You will find that you are very inspired and ready to start leading others. You will qualify to be promoted to a Field Manager. Some examples of things that must be done for this certification level (But not all):

  • Expert knowledge in glass manufacturing processes
  • Expert knowledge in the hard water process and how to fix the different types of associated problems
  • Read several of the best customer service books & write reports on each.
  • Written test with a perfect score covering the books:
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People (by: Dale Carnegie)
  • Delivering Happiness (by: Tony Hsieh)
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (by: Stephen Covey)
  • Written test on paying attention to detail.

5-Star Certification: You are moving into the position of a true leader and ready for more high responsibility and growth within the company. Your job reaches a whole new level of potential. All of your patches are complete, but you are just beginning your career toward loftier and more prestige. There will be ongoing education, and you are ready for that at this point. You can be trusted to train others. You will have a legacy in the company as one of the greats. Some examples of things that must be done for this certification level (But not all):

  • Has Mentored another employee through the 3-Star accomplishments
  • Not one quality control re-visit for 2 months
  • Accumulated over 100 perfect surveys
  • More written reports
  • Several special customer outreach initiatives.
  • Take part in 2 company service projects

Our certification program is in place for 2 reasons: It yields a better worker & it yields better people. For these 2 reasons, we are committed to the program. It blesses the lives of our customers and makes 5 Star Window Care a place where employees are learning and growing more every day.