Below is an email sent to all 5 Star Window Care employees today:

[divider] [/divider]Hello family!

*** Please wait to read this email until you have about 20-30 minutes to read, because I want you to fully understand the amazing transformation that is happening and what it will mean to you.

Today has been a very motivating day for me.  I have been working hard to get all of the certification ends tied up and it’s associated pay scale.  I want you to all know that there are 2 reasons motivating this certification program:

Reason 1. You will become better at your jobs. Obviously I care about this very much because it will lead to better productivity which will make us better at making money.  Any business is concerned with that, but in our business it will help us better understand what it means to be “A customer service company… That just happens to do windows”.  In turn this will help us to take the world by storm and make it a better place.  5 Star Window Care has been rated the most professional window cleaning company in the world for the last 3 years and this program will push us far beyond what any window cleaning company can even comprehend.  We are striving for greatness, and this program will ensure it.

Reason 2. You will become better people.  Any old window cleaning company can hire people to clean glass.  We are going to do MUCH more than that.  We are going to constantly improve who we are on the inside, which will transfer to everything we do.  Husband and father, wife or mother, employee or employer, we want your time at 5 Star Window Care to be a time of personal betterment that transforms you into a better person each day. If the day ever comes that you leave our company– which makes me sad to think about– the improvements that you’ve made to yourself will be forever.  This fact alone makes the certification process worth the time and energy.

These 2 reasons are the foundation for the program and what each of the requirements are measured against.

Let me share a little about pay here:

I have attached a dollar amount to each certification that will allow you to see what you could make per hour, or at what point you are capable of becoming a Field Manager. Being Field Manager gets you paid on customer satisfaction, which can greatly improve your hourly rate, but more importantly, you have no “ceiling” on how much you can make per hour as long as your service level is exemplary. This pay level will be discussed in more depth at our next team meeting.

Let me also define what each level of certification REALLY represents (this is what the badge on your shirt will most likely look like too– ideally the black part will be the fuzzy velcro that the yellow pieces are attached to):

1 Star: You are a fit with our company culture.  I like you and think you are worth giving a shot. $9/hr

2 Star: You have figured out how to start doing your job.  Your job isn’t scary anymore, you are becoming more independent (you can work alone for a short period of time). $10.50/hr

3 Star: You are beginning to master what it means to do your job.  You are so comfortable doing your job that now you can interact freely with the customers and look like a professional without even trying.  Now you will begin becoming “interdependent” meaning that even though you could work alone, you are not selfish, you have reached a new level where you can care for, and take care of other employees. $11.50/hr

4 Star: Most companies would never be willing to take employees to this level.  You are now learning skills that will set you apart from your regular competition. You are learning true skills that business owners must know to be successful.  You are rising above the level of professional, and becoming an expert.  You are moving from the level of service provider (any old window cleaning company) to the level of Customer Service Provider.  You will find more meaning in your job than ever before. You will find that you are very inspired and ready to start leading others.  You will qualify to be a Field manager, or you will move up to $14/hr.

5 Star: You are moving into the position of a true leader and ready for more high responsibility and growth within the company.  Your job reaches a whole new level of potential.  All of your patches are complete, but you are just beginning your career toward loftier and more prestige.  There will be ongoing education, and you are ready for that at this point.  You can be trusted to train others.  You will have a legacy in the company as one of the greats. You will qualify to be a Field manager, or you will move up to $16/hr.

Although certification will be a major consideration at the time of promotions, I do not intend 5 stars to be the end, either.  I would like to see the program allow for on going certification (we’ll have to come up with other names) where you can learn about marketing, personal fitness, and lots of fun things to apply to our company.  Even though I will admit that I am personally a bit “jaded” about formal schooling, I do believe that education is very important.  Being stagnant in learning means falling behind.  There is no standing still.  And so we will always push education within the company.

Here you can look at the most current version of our “Field” employees certification requirements (this link will ALWAYS take you to the most current Revision): (Link omitted at this time)

The same goes for the “Office” employees certification: (Link omitted at this time)

I don’t intend to keep this stuff a secret, either.  It’s a really unique thing that we are going to use in our marketing and where customers can see the “5 Star Difference”.  The customers will be looking at your sleeves knowing what level of certification you are.  In about 1 month (April 18) I will update our website to capitalize on what the differences are between 5 Star Window Care and other window cleaning companies.  Each of these differences will get their own pages describing and explaining what those differences are.  Here is a list of some our unique characteristics I will be sharing outwardly with our customers:

1. The ONLY company that pays employees based on customer happiness.
2. The ONLY company that certifies employees to be the most customer service oriented on the planet.
3. The ONLY company that cares more about customers than themselves.

Our website will be taking these and some other pretty major changes too.  Whenever someone gets an email outlining who will be coming out, they will be able to see your position in the company (tech, or field manager), your certification level, and why you were selected to be a part of our team (a note from me, the owner about you specifically).  Because I intend to use this certification very publicly I want each of you to use this time to get as much certification done as you can right now before it goes public.  I urge you to certify up (“cert up”) as quickly as you can without cutting any corners. Right now everyone in the company is 1 Star Certified.  Let’s all make it a goal to get done with at least 3 Star Certification before we launch this info on our website on the 18th.

If you want to know how to “cert up”, it’s simple. The first thing you do is print off your sheet from the appropriate link above. Then you just email me with a few days and times you’d like to meet to get it passed off and I will email you back with which times will work for me, and we schedule the review.  If you have to have stuff passed off by your field manager, be sure to have him initial it off before we meet so it will be quicker and easier to get you your raise.  It’s really that simple.  Don’t schedule your review until you are sure you have passed everything off.  I am going to be a stickler to make sure no corners were cut.  This is not the type of program that works if you cheat.  That only hurts yourself.

Because we are a team, we want everyone to cert up.  This is a competition, but there is no benefit to you for others not certifying.  We are trying to raise ourselves as a company, so trying to hinder another person from certifying will serve no good purpose to anyone.

So? Are you excited?  I hope so.

Are you ready to rock it?  Me too.  I gotta go certify, so I’m off now.  But if you have any questions, feel free to email me and I’ll do what I can to clarify.  If you are going to ask questions, you need to have first read this email AND your certification sheet so that we are starting on the same page, though.