Window Tinting

Do you service Fountain Hills, AZ?

Window Cleaning in Fountain Hills, AZ
Sometimes people ask us if we offer services for window cleaning in Fountain Hills, AZ. The answer: a resounding “YES!” We enjoy the challenge of the homes in Fountain Hills because they are often architecturally complex, the windows tend to be quite hot from the Arizona sun, and the dry desert climate just begs for the windows to streak… but not when 5 Star is on the job. We use special soaps that are made to combat Fountain Hills’ arid climate and allow us to meticulously clean the windows.

Did you know that we also tint windows in Fountain Hills. Window tinting is a nice alternative to regular glass on the typically large windows in the Fountain Hills area. Without having to worry about sunscreens blowing of in the wind, deteriorating over time, and taking away from the beautiful look of your Fountain Hills home, window film utilizes a technology that keeps the light that you can see inside, but rejects up to 75% of the sun’s energy. Read more here about our Fountain Hills window tinting company.

We also offer our Fountain Hills customers powerwashing!  We’d be happy to come out and give you a quote, unless you’d like a much faster quick quote by clicking here!

If you are taking advantage of the sun’s energy with solar panels, check out our Fountain Hills solar panel cleaning service!

Keep Broken Glass Safe

A word about broken glass
One thing about glass is that it can be quite dangerous when it’s broken.  You probably already knew that, but if not, let me share with you a few things that homeowners and property managers need to know about glass.
Annealed Glass
When virtually all glass is first made it starts off as annealed.  And sometimes a lot of times it ends up as annealed glass.  Basically annealed glass is just the part where at the glass factory they follow a certain procedure:

First, they mix up their proprietary mixture of minerals
Then they melt it all down
Then they add a few more minerals into the mixture
Then they take that melted glass and they dump it onto a bed of molten tin
Then gravity pulls the mixture down nice and flat creating a sheet of liquid glass
Finally the glass begins to cool in the bed of molten tin and is cut off and allowed to slowly cool as a sheet of glass.

There are a few things that you may want to take note of.  #1, glass is made with one side on the tin; so for the rest of it’s life each piece of glass will have an “air side” (the side that was facing up) and a “tin side” (which is what rides down the river of  molten tin).  #2 This glass is allowed to cool SLOWLY.

Item #1 is something we will cover in a later post, but rest assured that it is important, just not when it comes to glass breakage.

So, for our purposes, annealed glass by definition cools slowly and is how all glass gets it’s start. Buy why?  The answer is simple: Annealed glass is quick to make, and it can […]