Our Famous "Monsoon-Proof Window Guarantee"

For a limited time!

During the monsoon season here in the Gilbert & Chandler area it is tempting to skip a window cleaning... and frankly we don't blame you. Here at 5 Star Window Care, we are the penny-pinching, frugal type. We can't imagine selling you a window cleaning that didn't have a great warranty, which is why we offer our special rainy-day guarantee all year round... but we have something special for our residential customers who utilize our services during the monsoon season here in Arizona.


YOUR House Qualifies:

Monsoon Proof Window Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ

If you have us clean your windows any time from August 15th through September 30th, we give you a special insurance: Your windows will be sparkling clean when the monsoon rolls out of town. more...

For a FREE Window Clean:

If we could figure out a way to make a living washing people's windows for free, that's all we'd do... but this is as close as we can come and still allow for those pesky groceries. more...


A Customer Service Company... That Just Happens to Do Windows!

A Word From Our Customers:

Gilbert Window Cleaning at it's Finest

We are the Gilbert window cleaning company of choice... Not because we said so, but because our customers are constantly saying so. Don't believe it?  Good, this is the internet and anyone can tell lies, but maybe you should look here before making any final judgements. We are the Gilbert window cleaners responsible for so many happy homeowners and businesses, that every time we drive down Gilbert Rd past Oregano's we have to literally ask people to stop throwing us delicious pizzas.  Only part of that last statement is true, but you have to determine fact from fiction on that one yourself ;) If you are still reading this far down the page, you must think that I've got another good Gilbert window washing story, but I don't... Just go here and fill out the bid form so we can meet in person.  Then we'll make all of your wildest dreams come true!